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ta giang phinh

Ta Giang Phinh Village – Ta Giang Phinh Village Sapa – Sapa Attractions

To summer, visitors everywhere explore the new tourist area Ta Giang Phinh village (Sa Pa). This is the ancient land of the H'Mong people residing at...


Y Linh Ho Village – Y Linh Ho Village Sapa – Sapa Attractions

Located about 7 km southwest of Sapa town, next to Muong Hoa stream. Y Linh Ho is a commune with many small populations dispersed in mountainous...


Sin Chai Village – Villages in Sapa – Sapa Attractions

The unique feature of SaPa is the concentration of many ethnic groups on a small land. If you have come to SaPa you will not be missed visiting,...


Best time to visit Mu Cang Chai – Mu Cang Chai Travel Guide

Mu Cang Chai – the land of the most beautiful rice terraces ! Located on the foot of Hoang Lien mountain range, at the height of 1000 metters compared to the sea level, Mu Cang Chai is an off-beaten-path destination with pristine natures of high forested mountains, deep...
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